12 Crazy Ways To Get Fired From Walmart

Walmart is one of the leading private employers in the globe. Today, the company is boasting with approximately 2.1 million workers and with an annual turnover rate over 50%. Here, you can discover some stories by the employees who got fired from walmart.


1. Posting a joke on MySpace

David Noordewier was a worker at a branch of Michigan walmart, he posted a joke on his myspace in the year 2007, and quickly got fired.

According to the consumerist:-

“’ drop a bomb at the different walmart’s monster truck shows, retarted fake “pro wrestling” events , ghettos and trailer parks and the normal I.Q. count would possibly double.


2. Recording phone calls of your colleague

A computer specialist at walmart, Bruce Gabbard worked as a computer specialist at walmart. He was fired in 2007 for taping the phone conversations between the PR people of the company and a reporter from the New York Times.

But what really started the drama is when Gabbard gave a statement to the Wall Street Journal that there was a whole operation of spying on their employees and stockholders was going on in Walmart and he was just a part of it.

Walmart sued him for leaking one of their trade secrets, i.e. the plan to increase the stock price of the company known as “Project Red”. In reply, Gabbard also fired back and made a lawsuit of his own.


3. Chasing a shoplifter through the parking lot

Asset protection officer at Florida Walmart, Josh Rutner got fired because he tried to chase a thief who had a knife with him right across the parking lot in 2009. It was against the no-chase policy of company. According to Walmart, these policies are created to protect the customers and employees and the offense has turned Rutner Ineligible to be hired again.


4. Stopping a gun-toting robber

4 employees were fired from Utah Walmart because they wrestled with a robber who held a handgun on them after he was caught stealing a netbook. They over powered him and held him till the police arrived.


5. Being an African immigrant while locals need jobs

10 male immigrants from West Africa were fired from Colorado stores as their supervisors wanted to hire locals who needed jobs. Walmart said that they were fired because of management charges and they were not from a particular background.


6. Being a cancer patient that uses a medical marijuana legally

Joseph Casias was fired from his position of associate at Michigan Walmart, 2010 when it became known to his bosses that he regularly uses medical marijuana. Casias who suffered from Sinus cancer and also had a brain tumor in his skull was prescribed this treatment by his doctor since 2008. He never smoked at work or showed being high to work.


7. Even after paying for chicken neck bones, being accused and arrested for stealing them

Mary Hill Bonin was fired from her job at Alabama Walmart after she was accused of stealing chicken neck bones having a price of $2.90. Bonin and her husband were having trouble while checking out on his own and therefore an employee assisted them but when they started going out, the security asked them about the payments and then they were accused of stealing them.


8. Testifying in a personal injury case

Andi Bailey, witness in slip and fall case against Walmart called sick on two different days and took permission from her manager. She was fired on the account of missing work without any permission.

9. Stopping person from stealing a $600 computer

Heather Ravenstein, customer service manager was fired as she stopped a man from going out of Walmart with a Computer.

10. Screaming at a lesbian co-worker that she will go to hell

In 2005, Tanisha Matthews was fired from a branch of Illinois Walmart. According to the Chicago sun times, she blew up at her lesbian colleague. During the statement, Amy said that Matthews was screaming over her that God does not accept gays and they should not be on the earth. For the confirmation, Walmart held about three months investigation on her and fired after resulting that Matthews had violated the Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy.

11. Buying toys for charity with the employee discount

Tare Osmun was 20-year-old which was fired from a branch of New Jersy Walmart because she had used her employee discount to purchase toys which she donated to a charity. She purchased toys for the worth of approximately $1,000. And, offered them to the volunteer fire department that was offering a lottery in order to raise money. According to the Walmart policy employee discounts can be utilized only by yourself or your family. And they threatened her with the criminal charge if she did not return the money.

12. Using self-defense after getting punched by a customer

ED Bauman who was about 69 years old was fired from the Florida Walmart in the year 2010 because he was defending himself when a customer punched him. The customer set out the alarm while he went out of the door and Bauman went after him to observe his receipt, and customer threw a punch. Walmart looked at this action as a Gross Misconduct.