Access Walmart Associates scholarship renewal process

Walmart is known for providing excellent opportunities to employees for making their career stronger. Walmart offers special scholarship program to all their employees for making their career stronger. Scholarship programs are offered to all eligible employees of Walmart. It is important to note that this particular program is not open for public.

Walmart is helping students for completing their studies by offering them a scholarship for achieving their career goals by completing their higher studies. Walmart is known for supporting different organizations such as American Indian College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Asia and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, Thurgood Marshall College Fund and many other organizations who are supporting students for completing their studies using scholarships.


Renewing Scholarship Process

Walmart offers easy online process to their employees for completing the renewal process without facing any kind of difficulty. According to the institution schedule employees can fill online renewal application form. Employees will have to keep the reputation as according to the eligibility for the program by starting with Walmart fiscal year. An application will also have to enroll in at least for two award periods in a fiscal year from 1st of February to 31 January.

Associates cannot apply for renewal service for a scholarship until they will get a degree for the particular institute as according to the criteria for passing of that school. Every student will be provided with a valid password and username for managing their account and accessing all student services provided. Students can easily access information related to courses, instructions provided by administration or any other useful information.


Checks dispersed to the students

By the completion of online application after applying for a scholarship you will start receiving checks.

  • If renewal program application for a scholarship is filled and submitted correctly then students will start receiving checks.
  • For latest transcript and upcoming terms at lowa office and Coralville, it is important to submit proof of registration.
  • All application and documents will be accepted according to all terms and conditions.

Within three weeks after when all requirement criteria will be fulfilled, an organization will send payments for the scholarship. For confirming the acceptance, a company will send an application for confirming the acceptance. It is important to note that if any student is not receiving a scholarship then he or she will have to report to Scholarship America within a time period of thirty days.



  • A scholarship program is only available for legal citizens of U.S.
  • If an employee is currently doing a part-time job then she/he must have 6 successive service months.


Applying online

You need to follow instructions which are listed below for applying scholarship renewal process online.

Step 1

  • It is important to read the information available in document correctly before filling a form and also learn the procedure for filling application.
  • You need to check all essential instructions from the document which is provided by the organization on the web.

Step 2

Now you will have to make online employee account.

  • You need to access Walmart Associate Scholarship Login link
  • Now you need to enter valid username and password and then click on ok button.
  • If you don’t have a user id and password then first you need to register yourself.
  • You need to enter all essential information along with full address details before pressing ‘submit’ button.

Step 3

After this, an applicant will have to complete the available eligibility quiz. If you will be able to clear this quiz then online application will be visible on the screen.

Step 4

Now you need t complete the application for completing the process.