Walmart employee discount

If you are a Walmart associate, you can receive approximately 10 % discount on the regular price of fresh produce and general merchandise by making use of your Walmart associate discount card. Walmart associate card can be used at any Walmart store in U.N. In addition to this; you can also get the similar discount on selected products on


Do you know who is eligible?

If you are a newly employed Walmart associate, you and your spouse are eligible for the Walmart associate discount card on the 91st day of your regular employment.

You do not have a need to register for a discount card; this is automatically issued to you and your spouse, also mailed to your home address.

Make this sure that you have given your present home mail address, to your personal agent, because if you provide incorrect mail address, you may experience a delay in getting your discount card.

In case you have an eligible dependent, he may borrow your Walmart discount card and make use of this for his own buying. There are basic two requirements to become an eligible dependent 1. An unmarried child of 19 years of age or younger. 2. An unmarried child of 22 years of age or younger if he/she is a full-time college student. One notable thing is that they do not issue the individual discount card to your dependent children.


Changes in marital status

If you get married, you can order a discount card for your spouse also. For this, you can use online discount application sited on the WIRE.

In case you get divorced, your ex-spouse is no longer entitled to any type of discount. And you have to cancel his/her card by making the use of Online Discount card application on the WIRE.


Some measure for the Proper use of your discount card

You are liable for the proper use of your discount card, whether by you, your legal dependent or your spouse.


Some important things to remember-

  • Never lend your discount card to anyone who is not authorized to get the discount benefit.
  • Never make use of the discount card of any other associate.
  • You should also not shop for others to receive the discount for them.
  • You should not purchase items with your discount card for use in a business, or for the purpose of resale.
  • You should cancel your card immediately in case of lost or stolen, to avoid its unauthorized access by someone else. For this, you need to access online discount card application sited on the WIRE.
  • Any discount is functional to all products exchanged or returned.


What is not eligible for a discount?

  • Items that do not allow for a discount include:
  • Gasoline purchases
  • Most of the grocery items
  • Sale, clearance, or marked-down items
  • Eye exams in vision centers
  • Products bought for charitable events in case the associate receives money to buy items or they will be reimbursed.
  • Items bought using a tax-exemption ID number


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