Walmart W2

Walmart W2

There are several privileges given to Walmart employees such as importing their W2 to Jackson Hewitt Online. However, you have to make sure to follow the ideal instructions.

You could start by checking W2eXpress. Afterwards, input 10108 as your Walmart Code. You could also make use of this code if you’re one of Sam’s Club and Walmart associates. The process will also need you to provide your PIN and your SSN.


If You Are Current Walmart Associate

If you are the associate of Walmart, the pin that you should enter will be your Total Current Earnings from your last paycheck. If you do not know where to look for it, just look for this at the left corner of your paystub. Former personnel might use the two digits of their birth month and the last two digits of their year of birth. For instance if you’re born February 1973, your pin will be 0273.


It is crucial that you have already set up the W-2 Services based on your needs in online delivery. Visit the W-2 option to view your W-2 form. Once you see your W-2, you could also find a print choice. Pick this choice. Now, you have your own copy of the W-2.


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